Saturday, October 9, 2010

The moon over Missouri

For a fleeting moment this evening, somewhere along I-70 between St. Louis and Columbia, the moon over Missouri was reminiscent of a moon one fall night of 1992.  Tonight's moon, a sliver of a crescent, hung lower in the sky than the moon that night, which shone as an ever-fixed mark in full Harvest glory.  No, the moons' similarities don't lie in their silhouette on those two nights.  Instead, the reflection of light which displayed itself in bold hues of orange impress my memory to that fall long ago.  The events of that distant night have been long forgotten, but the impression of that moon has remained a compass to this Missouri life during my years away.  This luminosity is not solely limited to Missouri, but even when fully at home in Georgia, this moon made me think of the state of my youth.  So tonight, as I drove back to Ashland from a day of family celebration, the moon lighted the path of this wandering bark.

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