Monday, October 4, 2010

Lost and found, part one

I've never excelled at Name that Tune.  Ask my siblings; they'll shake their heads in a low, disappointed manner, indicating just how terrible I am at this game.  My standard answer for all songs from the 70s: CCR; all 80s rap: Run DMC (How could I not go with DMC?); all hair bands: Guns n Roses; all boy bands: *NSync.  Occasionally I surprise even myself and pull out a buried lyric or artist, but on the whole, I suck at this game.  Knowing this, it comes as no surprise that I also hum lyrics incorrectly.  I'm not so inept as to think "there's a bathroom on the right" or that Elton John pays tribute to Tony Danza, but for the past three days, I have been humming the unfathomably terrible lyrics to "Arthur's Song (Best That You Can Do)" incorrectly.  Why in the world does all of this matter?  First off, I'm humming a Christopher Cross song; I may not be a music savant like my siblings, but I know that, despite his multiple Grammy wins, Christopher Cross isn't exactly cool.  (No offense to Cross fans, or Cross himself for that matter.  80s adult contemporary just isn't my thing.)  Plus, my version of the lyrics, "if you get lost between the moon and New York city" served as my inspiration for today's blog; imagine my surprise when I learned that the song actually says "caught" and not "lost."  It's thrown me off my angle a bit, so I'm going to take a day to regroup.  I will be back tomorrow, but while I'm gone, try not to get lost.  Or caught.

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