Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear Mrs. (Bad) Manners:

At my previous school, teachers were assigned parking spots based primarily on seniority.  During my final year there, the administrative staff decided to assign teachers slots in a lot behind the building in hopes of keeping teacher automobiles safe from student vandalism and theft.  While I sincerely had no issue with these assignments, many of my colleagues felt gravely injusticed by this action, a complaint I understood even though I did not support it.  From this minor issue grew a grave rift between teachers and administrators.

At my current school, teachers park where they wish on a first-come, first-served basis.  This flex parking does raise the blood pressure a bit on days when one is running late for work, but it also assures that you never have to contact the office in complaint of someone violating parking assignments.  I can select my parking based on weather and attire, moving closer to the building on days when my feet hurt or further away on days that I need to beat the traffic out of the lot.  All-in-all, it's a positive situation.  My sole complaint with the free-for-all parking philosophy is directed at one teacher--Mrs. Blue Minivan.

Mrs. Blue Minivan parks on the left-hand curb each day.  Instead of pulling all the way forward, leaving room for Ms. Red Fusion and Mr. Brown VW Van to pull up behind her on the curb, Mrs. Minivan parks in the back slot of the curb space that should be able to hold three vehicles.  Most days, Mrs. Blue Minivan's rudeness is followed by that of Ms. Silver CRV who follows Minivan's lack of parking etiquette by pulling up to the curb two car lengths in front of the minivan.  These mirroring acts of selfishness leave one open spot against the curb--a spot sandwiched between them that requires left-hand parallel parking finesse, a skill that most drivers cannot perfect when rushed by a 7:30 contract start time and a line of parents in the student drop-off lane.

I do not understand why my colleagues lack the modicum of common sense and respect it takes to best utilize the parking for all teachers.  By simply pulling forward 10 feet, two other cars could enjoy the prime location afforded on this left-hand curb.  We have complete control over this situation; yet some never fail to ruin it for others with simple thoughtlessness.

So far, current ranting blog entry aside, I have been quite calm about this situation.  However, I'm starting to wonder if it would be rude to leave a note on Mrs. Blue Minivan's windshield? 


Mildly Irritated Saucy Wench


MOM said...

This is simply another test of your spirit. To quoute you "be gracious" which mean forgiving when it isn't deserved. Be gracious to your parking peers.

MOM said...

On Tuesday I was feeling very generous and forgiving. It's Thursday, I'm tired, and if I saw someone parking stupid I'd leave a note.

C.B. James said...

I say no note. Not during your first year.

Maybe this act is cosmically balanced out by the free breakfast at McDonald's.

Saucy Wench said...

I pulled in to school this morning directly behind Mrs. Blue Minivan. Three cars were already parked along her curb. I smiled.