Monday, October 18, 2010

Karma, please

Divine providence.  Kismet.  The way the cookie crumbles.  Destiny.  Luck.  The way it is written.  The roll of the dice.  Serendipity.  Moirai.  Predestination.  The way the stars align.  Fate.  Chance.  Happenstance.  The way the ball bounces.

Call it what you want.  But known with certainty that it exists.

In recent weeks I have experienced a number of small inconveniences.  Nothing serious or life threatening, thankfully, but the running string of irritating occurrences like broken dishes, unplanned car repairs, and nasty gashes inflicted by a rogue pug, to name a few, led me to contemplate how I had offended the universe and to rectify the wrongs.

Often intensifying the negative, I forget to live efficaciously.  And as a result, the negatives of life burden my soul. After silent reflection.  Supplication.  Entreaty.  Benevolence.  Prayer.  (Call it what you want, but know with certainty that it works.)  My conscious whispered gently to me:  be calm; be thankful; be gracious; be glad; be confident; be tenacious.

Be you.  And all will be right with your world.

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