Sunday, January 23, 2011

Put a little math in your love

While I know Braden comes up often in my musings, I consciously attempt to keep my Braden blabber to a minimum when I write.  I do not intend for this personal preference to offend anyone; if it does, I am sorry.  I see nothing wrong with blogging about your children (and if you want to read a blog that carefully, whimsically, and poignantly chronicles 'baby' adventures, check out my friend Amy and her family at Herman Nation).  But I feel that I started blogging a little late in Braden's life to journal about it for prosperity.  (Seeing as how he's only 8, it's funny to think of it as 'late in his life', but I had no other words.)

This evening, however, I abandon this resolve to impart a story to you.

Braden's bedtime routine begins with a shower around 7:30, after which we snuggle on the couch until 8:30.  A small fight over oral hygiene segues to tucking and kissing good-night.  Then we play a friendly game of "I love you more than ____________", a game most often played by trumping the other in the grossest manner imaginable.  (For example:  I love you more than a snotty nose.  I love you more than puppy poop.  etc.  Disgusting--absolutely--but it's a game suited for an eight-year old boy with a vivid imagination.)  Finally comes the "I love you" exchange, yet another opportunity for one-upping the 'opponent'.  Tonight's exchange went as follows:

Me:  I love you multiplied by two.  It's huge.  Beyond infinity.

Braden:  I love you, too, mom.  Good night.  (Obviously, based on his commonplace reply, I won the "I love you" exchange.)

Braden (from up in his room, several commercial breaks later):  "Mom, I figured out the solution to your love multiplication problem.  It's 'I love you I love you'.

Me:  Really, how do you know?

Braden:  Well, two multiplied by two repeats and so does four multiplied by two and so on.  I love you multiplied by two must be 'I love you I love you'.

Me:  So how would you add I love you plus two?

Braden:  It would be 'I love, love, love you'.  Just like addition.  It's really simple math when you think about it.  Plus, love is better multiplied.  You have more when you multiply than when you add and what's better than more love?

I'm not much of a math person, but it sounds pretty logical to me.

And so I ask you, dear reader: what's better than more love?


GiGi said...

I have an amazing grandson!

Saucy Wench said...

From Uncle Travis: more cowbell

Amy said...

Love this story! :-)

And thanks for the Herman Nation shout-out, too!