Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trivial tidbits, week two

Braden has been sick for the past several days.  It's nothing serious, just some annoying bug that presents with a fever slightly over the "infectious" level and some potty habits not worth discussing.  Some people assume this means I've had a break the past few days; that life is easier with a sick boy than with one that is well.  If only... Unlike most kids (or what I assume to be the case with most kids), Braden's activity level does not decrease as the fever increases.  I do the best I can to subdue him, claiming that too much movement will irritate the fever, but fighting with him about abstract concepts such as how skateboarding can negatively impact his upset stomach takes too much out of me.  Cabin fever set in shortly after the first dose of Children's Advil took hold and we spent five days fighting fever and each other.  The only thing that brought either of us solace:  a Shrek marathon.

There are thousands of gems hidden among the ogre's caustic, but compassionate, quests with Donkey, Puss, and Fiona which lend themselves to trivial trivia.  After all, nearly every movie in the Disney library is alluded to in some fashion in the movies.  However, my favorite moment can be found early in the original when Shrek and Donkey cross the swinging bridge into Dragon's castle.  That scene provides the inspiration for today's trivia.

After crossing the bridge, Shrek pats Donkey on the head and says, "That'll do Donkey; that'll do."  From which movie does this line originate?

I'll check back in 24 hours to see who wins the grand prize: a date with Braden the next time he's sick!

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Saucy Wench said...

Most of the guesses (and colorful hints) were posted on my Facebook, but for those of you playing silently at home the answer is: Babe (the one about the pig, not the baseball phenom).

For those of you playing silently at home, make a vocal guess next time. It's no fun playing trivia alone.