Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trivial tidbits, week three

Braden pulled a loose tooth yesterday before school--his second tooth lost this month.  The tooth fairy, feeling a little strapped by the recent activity, did a little research about tooth loss to see if she needs to seek part-time employment to support this new habit.  In celebration of Braden's two teeth, this week offers two trivia challenges.

How many years does it take most teeth to cycle from first eruption as a baby tooth to final stage of permanent tooth?

This little tooth fairy reminds me of my angel tattoo.

On average, how many baby teeth does a child lose per year? (Braden, being the over-achiever he is, has lost more teeth this month than the average child looses in a year.)

On the upside, Gigi--my mom, who informed me this evening that I earned whatever change was on hand when I lost a tooth as a child--has promised to match whatever the tooth fairy leaves Braden on his next tooth.  Actually, this isn't the upside; even with half of the pot sponsored by an outside source, the tooth fairy would still have to scrounge for $2.50 in order for Braden to earn the average income left by the tooth fairy under each pillow.  (For those of you not following the awkwardly worded word problem, this means the average child earns $5.00 per tooth.  Outrageous!)

If you know the answers to tonight's trivia questions, you will earn $2.50 per question.  Or you can yank out a tooth and wait for the fairy...

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