Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Little Like Sally Fields

I'm a word girl.  Always have been.  In fact, this morning I took wordnerdiness to its pinnacle and retweeted this:

So yeah, I have a thing for words.

But when it comes to this blog and its views and its comments, I'm a little obsessed with numbers.

10481 lifetime views.
61 page views on January 4.
12 views today.
9 comments on Few Words, Many Intentions (Thanks for the love, Trifecta community.)
0 comments on The Voice of the People* (Which raised heated debate with my brother via text, but no other fodder for this desperate blogger.)

As an English teacher, I don't often give credence to numbers.  Who needs equations to solve when there are words to weave?

But these numbers--my blogger stats--these numbers keep speaking to me. And while they may pale when compared to those of other more consistent, more interesting writers, they are MY stats, a measure of my writing.

I'd like to be mellow, unflappable, whatever about it.  But I'm not a whatever kind of girl. I'm this kind of girl:

So thanks for viewing my blog and commenting.  While I write mostly for myself, it's humbling to have an audience (other than my mother).

Written for Trifectra: Week 109WHATEVER 1.  (pronoun) a: anything or everything that       b: no matter what : regardless of what   Used in questions that express surprise or confusion 2.  (adjective) a: all the       b: any ; any … that       Used to refer to something that is not known 3.   (adverb) Used to show that something is not important


Gina said...

I still look at my stats. They encourage me when I'm feeling insecure about my writing. We write how and what we feel and hope at least one person understands (or reads ;-)). I totally get this. Have a wonderful day!!!

JannaTWrites said...

Comparing stats to others is so deflating - so glad you can be happy with your numbers as they are!

I had to distance myself from stats because I was getting a little obsessive over them :)

Tom MacInnes said...

I just crested over the ten thousand mark myself and, while I don't necessarily equate a milestone such as that with being a fancy-schmancy writer, I do feel proud that my work has been viewed and supported by so many talented and supportive people. The next step for me is to cut the strings from my mittens and create work that is seen and commented on by people beyond the Trifecta-types who hang out here. There is a great big old world out there and, to date, despite ten thousand views, not too many people in the world know I exist. That knowledge keeps me humble and keeps me motivated to improve. :)

Thomas Marlowe said...

It's nice to remind yourself sometimes. Nicely conveyed.

Darcy Cearley said...

Thanks for the love everyone. I do feel I will need to find a fine-line between following my stats and obsessing over them. Mainly, though, I'm excited for the continued opportunity to grow in my voice and audience.

Momo said...

It never occurred to me to look at total views on my blog - but I just did after reading this! I loved this line from your post: Who needs equations to solve when there are words to weave? Indeed.

Trifecta said...

I like the commentary on stats. I used to have a very well-read blog, and it creeped me out that so many people read it. I changed to a new blog, and now I find I'm less motivated to write because I know nobody reads it. :-) Thanks for linking up!