Monday, December 6, 2010

Reasons to love Missouri, part one

My brother loves Missouri--not just the people, but the actual territory that its people occupy.  It's a deep-rooted allegiance nearly impossible to describe in words, especially by someone such as myself who cannot understand such unconditional devotion to an inanimate object unable to return the affection.

If I were to vest Georgia the state against Missouri the state, Georgia's windless, red-clayed, pine tree-lined Southern charm wins hands down.  (I can hear Travis' exacerbated grumbles even as I type.) 

If I were to vest Georgia's people against Missouri's people, I am at a near draw.  I spent ten years in Georgia building relationships and memories with its people--relationships more formidable than a Missouri winter--and while the majority of those people are not joined to me by a DNA double helix, they are family to me.  However, I would not be back in Missouri--a state I am not sure I love--if not for the love of my brother (and the others too numerous to name).  This nudges Missouri slightly ahead in the tally.

Although I returned to the state of my youth to return to the fold,  I am in constant search of reasons for liking Missouri other than familial comfort.  One such reason presented itself to me on a recent episode of "Modern Family," a television comedy that actually makes me laugh.
Missouri's much more cosmopolitan than you give it credit for.  It's got a vibrant cowboy poetry scene.

And so, as I continue my search for reasons to love Missouri, I wonder if I have the voice for cowboy poetry?


Erin said...

Fall colors, hands down. Of course with the exceptio of this year. They sucked. And if course the instant change from summer to winter. Remember the winter we spent in St. Joe? The wind up there is enough to make you LOVE Missouri. Does Georgia have such freakiness as Elephant Rocks? What about the clear full mooned nights when you can see about a million stars in the sky? OR the endless supply of low water bridges where you could always find a party on Saturday night?

Bybee said...

I'm ambivalent about MO.