Monday, August 30, 2010

The tie that binds

Braden woke this morning and said "I feel like it's a tie kind of day."  Not exactly characteristic of most 8 year-old boys, who tend to prefer action-hero t-shirts over "fancy clothes," but definitely a common occurrence at our house.  An occurrence that makes my heart smile.

Braden's love for ties started when he was quite young, maybe even as little as three.  Some may think he loves ties because of some preference of mine, but this is an interest he acquired and developed independently of my influence, highlighting even more that this energetic boy is his own person.  We shop for ties often--in honor of piano recitals, in preparation for school picture day, in celebration of holidays, in reward of other significant occasions or in mere want of a new tie.  As he has matured, so has his fashion sense.  Ties that clip, adorned with cute  embroidered animals have given way to a more sophisticated array of ties that tie, most cut from a fashionable stripped material.

This morning he wore such a tie.  Red with diagonal blue stripes.  As you can tell from the pic, he needs PaPa Curt to provide him with a refresher course in how to tie it, but you can also see his enthusiasm for his appearance (messy hair and all). (Don't worry, he combed that mop before leaving the house.) When he entered daycare, and one of the teachers commented on his dressiness, he replied, "Thanks.  I tied it myself."  He feels good in a tie--proud and accomplished--and that's more than alright with me.

I think Braden was right.  Today was a tie kind of day.  Here's hoping tomorrow will be, too.

Before Beauty and the Beast, May 2010
Uncle Travis and Aunt Cat's Wedding, July 2009

With Mr. Chris, piano teacher, December 2009

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